FireStop System .UL Lised


What is FireStop system mean?


It's a system used to stop fire in any room that contains objects lead to fire propagation to other rooms or rooms that is have important equipments  such as electrical rooms, we note that these rooms have fire rated walls but these walls have openings and penetration such as cable tray, cables or pipes this openings may cause fire propagation to other rooms which represents danger on human life, equipments and the whole building so this openings must be protected from fire propagation by filling it with FireStop material.

FireStop is a system not a material

Because there is no material capable of stopping fire at all conditions but we should choose the suitable material according to factors affecting fire propagation such as

  • Fire rated time (there are materials have the ability to stop fire for one hour only others for two and three hours.

  • Place of application wall or floor and the type of it (Concrete, wood…etc).

  • Type of penetrations (Conduit, cables ….etc).

  • Opening dimensions (there are materials useful for small dim others for large).

Elements affect on choosing prefect FireStop system

  • Fire rated time.

  • Type of penetrations (Conduit, cables ….etc).

  • Place of application wall or floor and the type of it (Concrete, wood…etc).

  • Opening dimension.

  • Future expansion

  • Other features (movement, color…etc)


Types of FireStop materials

1-FireStop Mortar.
2-FireStop Pillow.
3-FireStop putty.
4-FireStop collar.
5-Wrap strips.
6-Pensil 300 Silicone Sealant.
7-Water based sealants

  • SSS Intumescent FireStop Sealant

  • LCI Intumescent FireStop Sealant

  • LC Endothermic FireStop Sealant

8- Fire rated pathway

9-Elastomeric spray

10-Cable spray

11-Composite Sheet

Products Description

These products are used solely or in combination to construct FireStop systems effective in sealing through-penetrations, construction joints and high traffic openings against the spread of fire, smoke or hot gasses. A wide range of tested systems is available for standard constructions and penetrates with ratings up to 4 hours.

These products and systems are suitable for sealing electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or Data/communications penetrations, including:

  • Pipes, Conduits or Ducts (Metallic , Nonmetallic & Insulated)

  • Cables (Telephone, Power, Data and Control)

Cable Trays and Bus Ducts (Steel , Aluminum and Copper Construction Joints)